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The stainless-steel-constructed RYDER 9-MP5 is a duty-use suppressor developed specifically for use on a 3-lug barrel. The suppressor attaches to a standard trilug barrel via SureFire's patented Fast-Attach® mechanism, similar to the way the SureFire best-in-class SOCOM Series suppressors attach.  This unique system for attaching to a 3-lug barrel is like nothing you have seen before and creates a rock solid lock up unlike traditional 3-lug mounts that use spring retention.


The patented stainless steel baffles are extremely durable and highly effective at attenuating noise, and built-in spacers help prevent excessive carbon buildup. The suppressor is easily disassembled for cleaning, and the baffles are indexed and numbered for ease of reassembly. Designed for duty use, the RYDER 9-MP5 does not affect bullet performance or increase point of impact/point of aim as is the case with other sub-machine gun suppressors. When it comes to durability, performance, and ease of maintenance, the RYDER 9-MP5 is the clear choice for suppressing the MP5.


  • Stainless steel construction, rounded ends and fluted body reduce weight with no sacrifice in strength
  • Patented stainless steel baffles are durable and provide superior sound attenuation and reduced muzzle blast
  • Built-in spacers help reduce carbon buildup between baffles
  • Baffles are numbered and indexed for easy reassembly
  • Included assembly/disassembly tool for cleaning
  • Attaches to Tri-Lug option sub-machine-gun barrels
  • Coated with durable, Cerakote finish
  • Backed by SureFire No-Hassle Guarantee



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