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About Whitetail Trading Co.

Established 2022.

At Whitetail Trading Company, we specialize in NFA firearms, suppressors and supplies.  We don't usually sell ordinary firearms, instead choosing to focus on Class III items, and giving people the experience and knowledge  they need to ensure a worry-free and easy purchase and transfer.


The owner, Andrew, has spent the past fourteen years building relationships with Class III dealers around the country.   If you're looking for an investment grade MG or simply a shooter, give us a call and we'll track down your dream gun for you.


NFA firearms and suppressors are expensive and there's a trust that comes with the purchase.  Make sure you get your products from someone that knows the laws and how to properly submit the paperwork.    That's what we're here for.


Thanks for coming to see our site, and please contact us if there's anything you need.


Happy Shooting !




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