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The upgraded fast-attach Surefire SOCOM 556 SB2 suppressor is a tweaked version of the original SOCOM 556 SB unit. Like the first installment, the 556 SB2 also produces minimal, repeatable point-of-impact shift, granting the shooter consistency while in use. Moreover, this can is also specific for 5.56mm rifles with barrels shorter than 10” in length, or longer barrels that fire unstable ammunition (e.g., most jacketed fragile and “green” rounds).

Set in Fountain Valley, CA, Surefire created the SOCOM 556 SB2 suppressor with the goal of offering a durable, reliable, user-friendly silencer to firearm enthusiasts. With military-based roots, Surefire produces an impressive line of 5.56mm rifle suppressors for all of your market needs.


The 556 SB2 offers a compact (6.2”) and lightweight (17 ounces) option in the 5.56mm rifle category. Built with the high-quality combination of stainless steel and Inconel 718, the durability of this can is not a concern. To that end, depending on usage, the suppressor should outlast the host barrel. Being a fast-attach unit merely adds to its ease and convenience of attachment/removal when in the field or at the range. Not to mention, the SOCOM 556 SB2’s new design provides premium sound reduction, virtual elimination of first-round muzzle flash, and minimal dust signature—allowing the shooter to remain covert and undetected when necessary.



  • Full-auto rated!
  • Length: 6.2”
  • Weight: 17oz
  • Build materials: Stainless Steel; Inconel
  • Finish: High-temp Cerakote™
  • Color: Black or Dark Earth



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