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The OSS HX-QD 556 Ti is a suppressor designed for optimal performance on 5.56 rifles. At only 6.67-inches long, and 13.1 ounces, the HX-QD 556 Ti is full auto rated and touted for its accuracy and repeatability. Both lightweight and durable, this OSS suppressor is constructed using a grade 5 titanium tube with a 17-4 stainless steel core.


Designed with LE’s, and tactical and sport shooters in mind, the HX-QD 556 Ti is a compact, maneuverable 5.56 rifle suppressor. This OSS silencer features its patented Flow-Through® technology   to decrease blowback, recoil, and flash, while also improving sound reduction. The OSS HX-QD 556 Ti uses its patented Torque Lock technology ®  and attaches to the OSS QD Muzzle Brake and Flash Hider for optimal performance.



  • Full auto rated
  • Length: 6.67”
  • Weight: 13.1 oz
  • Diameter: 1.6”
  • Build Material: Grade 5 Titanium and 17-4 Stainless Steel

Hx-QD 556 Ti


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