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Hitting the market in October 2022 is the HUXWRX CA$H 9: an all-new 9mm suppressor featuring next-generation OSS Flow-Baffle™ technology. This innovative engineering rose to prominence in the OSS Suppressors HX-QD 762,  Rad 45, and most recently the HUXWRX FLOW 556k, and it’s now available in a suppressor for 9mm; the CA$H 9. 


 The CA$H 9k was engineered by HUXWRX for pistol caliber carbines and submachine guns (SMGs) in 9mm. The CA$H 9k is the lightest suppressor in its class at a featherweight 5.9 oz and extremely maneuverable at just 5.15 inches. Sound suppression is optimal with the OSS Flow-Baffle™ technology significantly reducing sound at the shooter’s ear and muzzle blast. This forward-thinking technology is also less gassy while you shoot, making your firearm cycle smoothly and sound fantastic. 


Engineered for use on SMGs the CA$H 9k is constructed from titanium and 17-4 stainless steel. In addition to the CA$H 9k’s ability to suppress your full auto 9mm firearms, it’s rated up to 350 Legend. Durability and low back pressure make this suppressor an excellent option for short-barreled rifles in .300BLK subsonic. The CA$H 9k is easy on your wallet and you’ll have peace of mind knowing HUXWRX provides a lifetime warranty against all manufacturing defects.


The CA$H 9k can be adapted to work on your favorite 9mm handguns as well. Simply add a booster and piston. Added wrench flats on the mount and endcap make for simple disassembly, and adapters allow for greater versatility and system compatibility. The slim 1.375” diameter allows suppressor height sights or a red dot to easily clear the suppressor and give you an ideal sight picture. 


Tap into legendary OSS suppressor technology with the awesome HUXWRX CA$H 9. 



  • Weight:  5.9oz
  • Length:  5.15”
  • Diameter:  1.375”
  • Materials: Titanium, 17-4 Stainless Steel
  • Finish: Black Cerakote
  • Attachment: Direct Thread

Huxwrx Cash 9K


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