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Built to serve as a solution to the multi-gun and multi-caliber dilemma that suppressor owners face, the Raptor comes in a variety of lengths & calibers to suit your individual needs.


Each Raptor suppressor connects via the provided Reflex mounting system or flush mount. You may also opt to utilize the Raptor Adapter to convert the base threads of the suppressor to the "industry standard" 1.375x24 thread pitch for use in conjunction with a wide array of QD mounts on the market.


The Raptor uses spiral shaped baffles to keep the gasses moving while reducing back pressure. Utilizing the Reflex mounting systems greatly increases the suppressor volume without increasing the overall length of the firearm.


The Raptor comes in 5.56mm, 7.62mm, .338cal and .375cal, as well as lengths from 2 spirals to 10 spirals, with Reflex mounting options from 1” to 5”.


Raptor 2:

Caliber:  5.56/7.62

Weight: 4.45oz

Length:  3.9"
Diameter:  1.625"


Raptor 4:

Caliber:  5.56/7.62

Weight: 5.60oz

Length:  4.7"
Diameter:  1.625"


Raptor 6:

Caliber:  5.56/7.62/.338

Weight: 6.85oz

Length:  5.5"
Diameter:  1.625"


Raptor 8:

Caliber:  5.56/7.62/.338/.375

Weight: 8.05oz

Length:  6.3"
Diameter:  1.625"


Raptor 10:

Caliber:  5.56/7.62/.338/.375

Weight: 9.50oz

Length:  7.2"
Diameter:  1.625"

AB Raptor