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At a shockingly light 4.5oz, the F-4, and the 5.6oz  F-4L, represent a pivotal advancement in 9mm PCC suppressor technology. Much like its predecessor, the Sabre, the F-4 and F-4L are designed with dedication in mind. Built from 100% Grade 5 Titanium and circumference welded for maximum strength.


Much of the F-4’s beauty lies in its simplicity and ability to seemingly disappear from the end of the firearm during operation due to its near-zero footprint (less than 5 inches, less than 5 ounces). The F-4L is designed with 3 additional baffles, adding a mere 1.1 inches, but providing maximum sound suppression.


Perfect for plug and play on any pistol caliber carbine, the F-4 and F-4L utilize a flush direct-thread mount on the barrel’s shoulder (or taper for the MPX variant) for an all-muzzle-forward design.  The fixed direct-thread mount makes for easy installation/removal, while keeping the overall length and total system weight to an absolute minimum. Wrench flats on the base of the mount make for easy torquing onto the firearm’s muzzle, and ensure the suppressor stays securely in place during any course of fire. 




Length:  4.9"

Diameter:  1.5"

Weight:  5.6oz

Length:  6.0"

Diameter:  1.5"

AB F-4 / F-4L


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