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The AAC 7.62-SDN-6 unit is a compact fast-attach silencer specifically designed for 7.62x51mm (.308Win) ammunition; however, it is also suited for use on smaller calibers, such as .300BLK and 5.56mm.

Manufactured by Advanced Armament Corp. in

Huntsville, AL, the 7.62-SDN-6 offers shooters the versatility and extreme durability necessary for full-time silencer use on select guns. By eliminating 98.9% of the muzzle sound pressure, AAC took progressive steps to preserve the hearing of the shooter, as well as to reduce the signature of the muzzle blast.


1.25” shorter in length than the 7.62-SD, the 7.62-SDN-6 features a fully-welded all-Inconel baffle stack and front endcap to maximize durability on select fire 7.62mm SBRs. This silencer also acts as a superb multi-caliber can for multiple weapons, offering excellent performance on 7.62 NATO, 300 AAC, 6.8 SPC, 6.5, and 5.56mm NATO. When used on a 300 AAC Blackout, the overall SPL of 126 dB with subsonic ammunition is quieter than the 9mm HK MP5-SD.

762 SDN-6


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