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To commemorate their 10-year anniversary, SilencerCo announces their newest offering to the rimfire silencer market: the Switchback 22. Configurable in 3 different lengths, the Switchback also boasts added versatility by allowing the end user to not only choose their preferred length, but also the ability to optimize the baffle orientation for use on a rifle with subsonic rounds.  The titanium tubed Switchback uses the time-tested stainless-steel CTA (Click Together Assembly) baffles to ensure that the silencer remains user serviceable after long days on the range with dirty ammo.  Sporting a caliber rating up to 5.7FN, the Switchback has all the checks in all the right boxes and is guaranteed to become a staple of rimfire silencers.


Leaning on the principles of rocket propulsion, SilencerCo engineers were able to develop a unique approach to silencer design.  At it’s heart, a silencer is intended to control the initial muzzle blast and subsequent de-corking pressure as the projectile leaves the muzzle of the barrel.  By thinking of the baffles as cones, their orientation plays a dramatic role in the suppression of escaping muzzle gasses.  They can act as a nozzle (to speed up) or a diffuser (to slow down) the propelling gasses of a firearm depending on which way they are pointed.  Think of it in terms of a garden hose, a tight nozzle on the end will concentrate the pressure and speed up the escaping water, while a “rain head” will diffuse the water and slow it down.  Where this concept becomes “Rocket Science” is when the above mentioned principles of converging versus diverging ducts is applied to supersonic and subsonic velocities.  While moving from super to subsonic speed, the effect that cones play is reversed.  ***Insert your own hilarious dad joke about “it’s not rocket science” here***

In short, SilencerCo has designed a silencer that allows you to flip your baffles around in different configurations and created a silencer that gives you the ability to optimize your baffle orientation to your host firearm and velocity of the ammo you're using.



  • Length: Short - 2.5", Med - 3.59", Long - 5.75"
  • Weight: Short - 3.2oz, Med - 4.3oz, Long - 6.5oz
  • Diameter: 1.07"
  • Materials: Baffles - Stainless Steel, Tube - Titanium
  • Thread Pitch: 1/2x28

Switchback 22


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